landscape_karapuzhaETHEREAL HARMONY

Heavens playing ethereal tunes
Land orchestrating mist and rain
Unfolding visions surreal
Solitary traveler elated
Blissful silence envelopes
Moments of eternity.







Rumble from the past
echoes across memories
familiar voice on radio
soothing like mother’s call
The divine melody.

Caressed by sun and rain
childhood like whistle gone
young feet tripping over meadows
time chiseled the rustic soul
like sea waves the rocks.

Every glance sparked romance
innocence pampered by tenderness
longing for fairy tale life
desires condensed into somber clouds
lying in wait to shower.

Mind enlivened on occasions
moments suspended
seeking reasons for celebration
young mind gasping
struck a divine chord.

Clad in golden beams of dawn
driven forward by time
trembling in odd restlessness
seeking perfect melodies
melancholy accompanying.



Shades of reckless charm
Captivating the mundane
Wavy and spiraled his hair
Unfolding drama every day.

Haunted by eternal thirst
Intoxicated by seasoned spirit
Longing for ever new pastures
A nostalgic shepherd our Greg.


Cloudy morning, withered dreams
I was staring through my window
My heart feeling dull and heavy
This wandering soul what is it searching?
Infinite beauty mirroring the soul?
A flock of birds on the horizon
And my smile is back.

Promise of magic in the whispering breeze
It’s gone before I could breathe it in
Clouds merging into each other in a constant loop
Shadows crawling across as if threatened
Hint of rain, life begins to pulsate.

There goes a man, witnessed too many seasons
Memories overcrowded with images of the earth
Craving for warmth his thoughts freeze for a moment
So much to care, so much to lose
Pain erased in time reflected on his face.

Reality flipped through my vision in all shades
Senses poised in anticipation of healing touch
Blink of eye brought end to world outside
In solitude I look into the self
And am at peace with myself.

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